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Past Webinar: Automating the Customer Journey

Posted: 06/09/2020 | Author: Kathryn Sturm for Creatives On Call | Tags: Past Webinars

Past Webinar: Automating the Customer Journey

Please see the Vimeo link for full recording of the webinar below.

Next up for our Artists as Experts webinar series, we'll be hearing from Chelsea Campos on Automating the Customer Journey.

In this short, lunch time webinar, we’ll learn:

• What it is & why it’s important

• Components of effective customer journey automation

• Case studies: customer journey automations in action

• Tips for getting started and resources to learn more

Chelsea’s 15+ years of experience in marketing span the entire customer journey. She has been fortunate to work with companies like Honeywell, Mindset Works, and the Girl Scouts. Check out some of her work and connect on LinkedIn. Creatives On Call is lucky to have Chelsea as one of our creatives.

Visit Link:

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