5 Podcasts for Every Creative Artist

Cincinnati, OH | Posted: 02/21/2016 | Author: April Koenig

5 Podcasts for Every Creative Artist

5 Podcasts for Every Creative Artist

Inspiration and advice can come from anywhere for a creative. It’s especially convenient when that inspiration can also come at any time you desire. That’s the beauty of a good podcast. There’s no shortage of subjects for podcasts, and you can listen to them anywhere. Listen in the car, on a walk, while doing the dishes, or anywhere else you’ve got the time and inclination. A good podcast can hook you and reel you in, which for a creative can mean a steady fix of knowledge. Here are five of our favorite podcasts every creative should be listening to.

  • Unmistakable Creative Broadcast – Boasting over 400 interviews and 10,000 iTunes downloads, this voluminous podcast about real life stories of creatives and entrepreneurs will keep listeners occupied for a good long while. Host Srinivas Roa weaves insight and ideas into the show, making for a break from the norm.
  • Creative Commoners – This podcast delves into the ins and outs of creatives trying to balance their work and personal lives. Authors, actors, game developers and others discus creative pursuits, everyday obligations and the struggle between the two. The podcast ended its run this year, but there are 150 episodes available on iTunes to peruse.
  • After The Jump – Independent artists and doers divulge their views on creating, building and living day-to-day. Grace Bonney, the blogger behind Design Sponge, explores topics near and dear to folks in need of inspiration with this podcast available on iTunes.
  • Design Matters with Debbie Millman – Design Matters started this podcast way back in 2005 with a telephone modem, growing it into one of the most successful design podcasts around. With over 100 episodes to date, Millman talks with designers in the hopes of gaining insight into their lives and work, learning from their experiences. Check it out on iTunes.
  • Accidental Creative – Best-selling author and speaker Todd Henry features ideas from inspirational speakers and artists on working and living creatively. Interviews from thinkers like Adam Steltzner, engineer and designer at Jet Propulsion Laboratories, and ABC News anchor Dan Harris, let listeners hear about firsthand creativity. Available on iTunes.

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