End of the Year Goals

Cincinnati, OH | Posted: 12/18/2015 | Author: April Koenig

End of the Year Goals

The end of the year is in sight, so don’t take your eyes off of hitting business goals. The holidays can be a speedbump to achieving those goals if employees don’t give it their all. As their leader, it’s important to help them get across the finish line before checking out for last few days of the year. Following a few helpful tips can achieve those all-important expectations, while fostering a sense of teamwork and focus.

Reinforce Objectives – Remind employees of the mission at hand. Short-term goals, as well as long-term objectives, should be reiterated and stressed. Let them know what this achievement will mean to them as employees and the company as a whole. Inspire the sense of accomplishment.

Be The Example – They’ll be encouraged to work hard if they see you do the same. Your attitude rubs off on them, so don’t be lax or act like you don’t want to be there. They take their lead from you, so stay focused on end-of-year goals. They’ll be much more likely to do the same. 

Ghost Of Holidays Past – take a look back at previous years and how goals were met (or not met). Get with coworkers and employees and discuss changes to improve practices and morale. Incentives, task-shuffling, schedule flexibility – whatever practices you can track as successful at crunch time will be a big help to get the job done.

COC Can Help – Sometimes a helping hand is needed to push your team across the finish line. Let Creatives On Call supply the reinforcements to pick up your crew when those deadlines are looming. We can help make sure business objectives are met, leading to a happy holiday season for all!

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