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Professional 3D Animation Services

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3D Animation Services

Top businesses around the world use 3D animations to create impressive marketing campaigns, training videos, and product demonstrations.

At Creatives On Call, we offer 3D animation services that will get you measurable results. 

We produce captivating animations that engage, inspire, and motivate your target audience.

What are animation videos? 

Animation videos are short, engaging videos that use animated depictions to tell a story or explain an idea. They can be humorous, informative, or abstract. 

Using a video on the landing page of your website has been shown to increase conversions by 86%

The talented team from Creatives On Call will use the latest industry trends to create memorable animation videos that increase engagement. We also offer a wide range of services to meet all your needs, from scriptwriting to voiceovers to distribution.

What are product demo videos? 

Product demo videos are short video clips that show how a product works. These are explainer videos that companies use on their websites and social media pages. The goal of product demo videos is to show what a product does and why someone should buy it. 

Product videos can increase purchases by 144%

What are promotional videos?

A promotional video visually tells the story of your brand, product, or service. It is one of the most important videos to invest in to drive conversions and increase brand awareness.  

Our expert team creates promotional videos that make a lasting impression. We focus on quality, impact, and relatability.  

What are crowdfunding videos?

A crowdfunding video is a video that seeks to raise small amounts of money from many people to fund a project. It is used to introduce your business venture to customers and clients. These are short videos that inspire action. 

We can create your next crowdfunding video to tell your story and make your audience excited about supporting your cause. 

What is an advertising reel? 

An advertising reel is a short video that is used on Instagram to showcase your products, brand, or services. We use brilliant visual effects and sound effects to show off your unique brand and increase likability. 

What is cartoon and film editing? 

Cartoon editing uses caricature and sketch effects to add personality and humor to your marketing videos. 

Film editing uses computer software to assemble footage and music into a coherent story. 

Our cartoon and film editors know how to enhance your videos to engage your audience and boost google search engine traffic to your website. 

Using a video on the landing page of your website has been shown to increase conversions by 86%. 

Reimagine Your Business’ Look With Our 3D Animation

3D animation is becoming one of the hottest trends in visual content. 

93% of today’s advertisers use 3D product animation videos for their online communication, marketing, and sales.

Our 3D animations will give your business a robust competitive advantage. They will transform complex ideas into easy-to-understand visual content. 

They will also enhance your brand image, increase conversion rates, and add an engaging element to your marketing campaign. 

The Creative Process Of Creating 3D Animations

The 3D animation process is nuanced and complex. This is why many top-level companies choose to outsource their animation needs to our experts. 

Here is a brief overview of our creative process:

Creative Brief

When we start working together our team will provide you with a creative brief.  

This contains a detailed overview of your entire 3D animation project. It outlines the project requirements and gives our team the information we need to produce an effective finished product.


After we finalize the creative brief, the next step in the process is to create a storyboard. This is a compilation of drawings based on the script. 

We will use this as a virtual framework to guide us through the next production steps. 


Next, we will create 3D models. The goal of these models is to create realistic digital objects that can become animated. 


Texturing is the art of adding colors, designs, and textures to 3D models. We do this by layering 2D pictures around 3D models. 


Next, we use rigging, or skeleton animation, to add movement to the 3D models. 


The next step is to bring life to the models through a sequence of movements. This is a complex task. It is also the most time-intensive task in the production process.


Compositing is the first step in the post-production process. This is where two or more still images are combined to create a single image. A high degree of technical expertise is needed to complete this step. 

Background and Music

We then add a captivating background to bring the drawing into a final composition. The final step of the post-production process is to carefully select music that will tie your project together and bring it to life! 

Why Choose Creatives On Call

Creatives On Call has extensive experience in 3D animation. 

Our creative team will provide you with high-quality animations that exceed your expectations. 

We use only the latest software and technology to ensure accuracy, precision, and excellence in our work. 

Why work with us? 


Professional Team

Our professionals have years of experience in the 3D animation industry. We're dedicated to providing you with superior services. We will work closely with you to ensure that you’re happy with the final product.

Trusted by Renowned Companies

Top brands partner with us for their 3D animation projects. This is because we value transparency, quality, and consistency. We work hard to understand your business needs and to create animations that will be valuable to you and your customer. 

Flexible Operation 

Our team responds quickly and confidently to dynamic circumstances. We prioritize balancing quality, time, and cost. We will keep in close communication with you while we are creating your animations.  


We have a proven track record of meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations. We can balance multiple projects simultaneously. 


What is 3D animation?

3D animation is the art of creating moving images in a three-dimensional space. 

What is the main difference between 2D and 3D animation?

In 2D animation, models only consist of height and width. In 3D animation, models consist of depth, height, and width. 3D animation is more realistic than 2D animation. 

How Long Does a 3D Animation Video Production Take?

This depends on a variety of factors such as development detail, script intricacy, and the nuances of each project. We will work closely with you to ensure that we meet your timeline.  

Who needs an animated video commercial?

If you’re looking to create a photo-realistic representation of your service or product, Creatives On Call is the partner for you. We utilize animated videos for educational purposes or to demonstrate highly technical elements, such as jet engines or medical hardware equipment, in a simple but effective way. The visual appeal of these videos can help attract new customers and showcase your brand’s unique qualities. 

Top brands partner with us to create video commercials for:

  • Educational purposes
  • Employee recruiting
  • “About us” page
  • Landing page  
  • Showcasing a new product or service

Our 3D animation services will exponentially improve the quality of your business by engaging your audience and boosting your brand recognition. 

That’s why so many companies choose Creatives On Call as your animation partner. We help companies like yours create beautiful and effective 3D animation experiences. These will make your brand shine with consistency and value while accelerating your company’s growth!  

Next Steps

Ready to get started? Click the link below to fill out an application form today and our team will be in touch with you soon! 

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