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Learning Objects

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Case Study

In an ongoing relationship with a multinational Fortune 500 technology company, Creatives On Call provides content creation resources in support of their online learning platform, and has created hundreds of digitally-deployed learning objects with supporting graphic and video assets.

Creating Branded Online Learning Objects

Our technology client has an ongoing need for the creation of digital learning objects that precisely match their existing brand voice and tone.

Our rapidly growing, global client must produce dozens to hundreds of online learning courses each year. Course content covers not only comprehensive training for new facets of their business as they launch, but it must also address the evolving technology and staffing challenges inherent in our new work-from-anywhere world. New employee onboarding and executive training programs must be cohesively designed so that both in-person and remote workers have the same experience.

The company has an established and distinctive brand, and all new learning objects must seamlessly match existing courses.


Services provided for this ongoing project include:

  • Research and discovery of relevant course information, utilizing the client’s internal subject matter experts as well as outside resources
  • Providing teams of content creators who are pre-trained in the company’s voice and tone
  • Writing online learning content and promotional copy
  • Creating branded illustrations, charts and graphs, icons and other illustrative elements to support the written content
  • Project management to keep projects on track within tight deadlines

“We show clients the best way to structure their projects so they’re not only more efficient, but also more cost effective.”


Creatives On Call has produced hundreds of learning assets for the client. We currently support dozens of teams worldwide with content authoring, design/illustration, instructional design, motion graphics, presentation support and more.

Working on multiple ongoing projects at any given time, we produce learning content at a scale that would not be possible for most other agencies, or with the client’s existing internal resources alone. We focus on producing this content at a responsible cost, with our flexible staffing model able to rapidly fluctuate along with client needs.

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s get on a call and discuss your project goals and objectives, as well as your timeline needs. We can offer advice and perspective on the most efficient way to get your project up and running, and if necessary we can usually be fully staffed and operational within days - so contact us to get started today!

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