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Sales Enablement

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The best-performing sales teams have access to comprehensive training, high-quality support materials, and automated processes to help them achieve their quotas.

Are your sales teams spending their time selling? In most organizations, the average sales rep spends only 33% of their time on sales calls. What are they doing instead? Well, up to 25% of the time, they’re creating marketing and sales content. This not only keeps them from focusing on their sales goals, it also leads to a non-optimized sales experience for your clients. 

Providing your sales team with a full suite of effective enablement tools will free them to do what you hired them to do—and help them do it more effectively—which has a direct effect on your bottom line. Companies that take the time to craft professional sales enablement tools report 208% higher revenue than those that don’t. 

In this economic climate, everyone is trying to do more with less, and it’s no longer enough to just teach your sales reps the basics and hope for the best. In order to hit your targets (and retain all your best people) you have to empower them to consistently close sales in an increasingly uncertain world, where customers have more questions as well as more demands. 

45% of sales reps say they lose leads due to lack of marketing resources.

Creatives On Call are industry leaders in comprehensive sales enablement, and we’ve worked with many Fortune 500 companies to help them strategize, plan, and develop everything a sales team needs to support their goals. 

How we can assist your sales enablement process:

  • Research and strategy to gain a deep understanding of your core business
  • Creation of case studies and success stories related to your business
  • Slide decks and presentations, customized to meet sales rep challenges in a variety of sales scenarios
  • Writing and project management for downloadable content like e-books that can help broaden your sales funnel
  • Comprehensive product and service data sheets for easy sales reference
  • Multimedia demos and video to walk your clients through key aspects of your offerings
  • Research on key competitors and market trends, to help you and your sales team plan for the future
  • Comprehensive training programs to help you onboard new staff, and ensure your seasoned staff is in alignment

If you’re like our typical client, your sales staff is now doing virtual as well as in-person sales, so they also need specialized training and support to optimize virtual performance.

We work with a pool of more than 15k highly specialized content creators and sales enablement experts. No matter your product or service niche, we’ve got someone who’s exactly right for your project. Using 25 years of related industry experience we will design a sales enablement process and all the related materials to help you meet your sales goals.

Ready to learn more about how we can help enable your sales team? Call us today and get started!

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Sales Enablement Capabilities