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Sales Enablement

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Case Study 

Services - Sales Enablement

Our Fortune 500 professional services client has ongoing needs for sales enablement content for its nationwide sales team. 

Sales enablement gives your sales team all the information, tools, and processes they need to close deals and meet quotas. Keeping sales teams trained in ever-changing company products and processes is a full-time task, and that’s why Creatives On Call has an ongoing relationship with this Fortune 500 professional services company to provide a full suite of sales enablement services, including new-staff onboarding, ongoing training for existing staff, and a collection of branded products and documents that help staff focus on selling. 

Not only do we assist the company with all the strategy behind, design of, and copywriting for their materials, but we also collaborate on the physical design and production of sales and training collateral as well as the rollout of nationwide sales campaigns.

Services Provided for This Client Include

  • Strategy and Advisory:  Work with the client on go-to-market strategy as well as the team makeup and overall budgetary advising/planning
  • Design and Marketing: Creation of illustrations and graphical assets for enablement pieces and sales collateral, keeping with the client’s existing brand guidelines
  • Content Creation and Management: Copywriting for sales collateral as well as digital and print promotional materials 
  • Customer Engagement and Experience: Design of thoughtful physical structures for customers to interact with, as well as packaging and product catalogs 
  • Learning and Knowledge Management: Creation of training materials for both new and seasoned sales professionals

We’ve trained many of our creative assets on this company’s brand, so the client can utilize us as a working extension of their own staff, calling on us as needed for a variety of projects.  

Ready to Get Started? 

Let’s get on a call and discuss your project goals and objectives, as well as your timeline needs. We can offer advice and perspective on the most efficient way to get your project started, and if necessary we can usually be fully staffed and operational within days—so contact us to get started today!

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Sales Enablement Capabilities