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What Is 2D Motion Graphic Design?

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What Is 2D Motion Graphic Design?

2D motion graphic design combines traditional graphic design concepts with animation and audio components to bring static objects like text and images to life. And even though a name like “2D motion graphic design” sounds complicated to those of us who aren’t designers, chances are that as a marketer, you’re already familiar with it. If you use social media, watch YouTube videos, or search Google, you’ve seen tons of examples of motion design without even knowing it!

“Motion graphics” is a subtype of animation used to illustrate complex ideas visually. It’s important to know the difference between motion graphics design (or animated graphics design) and traditional animation. Traditional animation tells a story and involves a more complex artistic process. Motion design brings movement to still objects, which helps them become core visual aids for branding.

Creatives On Call has professional 2D motion graphics designers ready to work with you. Learn more below about how adding motion design to your marketing strategy can increase revenue and profitability.

What Are the Main Advantages of 2D Motion Graphics?

Simply put, marketing content that contains motion design and other graphic design elements generates more quality leads and a better ROI than text-only marketing campaigns. Here are the three biggest advantages of incorporating motion design into your marketing:

1. Higher Customer Retention Rates

Many consumers – especially young consumers – prefer a quick video that explains a product or concept versus sifting through a ton of copy for information. Websites that use 2D motion design have lower bounce rates than sites that rely solely on words. 

2. Greater Social Engagement

Consumers prefer videos to still images on their social media because they provide an interactive experience. Rather than overwhelming the viewer with a wall of text, motion graphics draw the viewer in and increase brand recall. 

3. More Cost-Effective

Unlike other types of animation, 2D motion design doesn’t require an entire team or special equipment with heavy processing power. One trained designer with expertise in Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite can handle a company’s motion design needs, which cuts down the total project cost.  

Which Industries Use 2D Motion Graphics?

Many industries use motion graphic design. Because motion design is more time and cost-effective than traditional or 3D animation, motion graphics appeal to all brands. Plus, research shows that 73% of people prefer to learn about a brand through a short video, compared with only 11% who prefer a text-based article, website, or post. This consumer preference is why so many marketing managers have incorporated motion design into their branding strategy.

Effective motion design creates a memorable first impression and builds trust and customer loyalty. Updating your branding with motion design is a great way to set your company apart from the crowd with visual interest and value. Creatives On Call can help.

2D Motion Graphics Examples

Here are 4 common categories of animated videos and motion graphic design that businesses use for marketing: 

1. “Explainer” Videos and Demos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video might be worth a million. When it comes to explaining how to set up a product or breaking down concepts, nothing beats motion graphics. In fact, 96% of people say they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

This Slack example replaces a text-based blog or how-to article with a motion design video that illustrates instructions visually.

2. Advertising

In today’s digital world, consumers don’t spend time reading advertisements. They quickly scan their screens for interesting content, and then they’re off to another page. Text-heavy ad campaigns don’t translate to a digital audience. Adding motion design to your ads makes them eye-catching and memorable.

This Starbucks ad uses  animation to show off a variety of drinks and uses only three words to accomplish this.

3. Animated Logos

Creating an animated version of your existing logo helps bring it to life – literally! This specific art form parses out each element of your current logo design and combines it into a visual style that supports your broader brand messaging. 

Here’s an example from Google that takes its signature logo and animates it with a microphone, which highlights Google’s voice search feature without saying a single word.

4. Social Media Posts

According to Twitter, Tweets containing a GIF gained 55% more engagement than those without. Consumers tend to scroll past walls of text on social media. Adding motion design elements to your social media posts helps your audience actively connect with your brand.

In this example, the organization highlights its Tech for Social Good initiative using motion design to draw audience interest.

The Market for 2D Motion Graphic Design Is Skyrocketing

If you’re interested in adding motion design to your company’s existing marketing strategy, Creatives On Call has professional designers ready to help you level up your content marketing and design! Whether you want to revamp your entire social media strategy or add a little pizzazz to your logo with animation, we’ve got you covered.

We would love to hear from you! You can check out all the services we offer here, and shoot us a message here to get the ball rolling!

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